This blog is dedicated to the BBC show Robin Hood, which ran from 2006-2009. I will post everything related to the show itself, the fandom surrounding the show, the actors, some stuff about the original legends and history as long as it relates to this series, etc.

Robin… I’m sorry.

Her eyes are so expressive and beautiful and her acting here with just her facial expressions is amazing.

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Just some of my favourite pictures of the BBC Robin Hood cast.


Because he’s only your ‘friend’ when he’s dead


Allan had the most horrific death out of all the characters. This video is favorite cause the song fits him so well.


Lucy Griffiths as Lyanna Stark

Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.

I love it! She’d make a great Lyanna.

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I just wanted to make a little post about our cast’s eyes


because damn 



so many pretty eyes


not all blue


but that picture really does not do Djaq justice her eyes are probably my favourite

But you know when the light catches Allan’s eyes and they do the thing



and I couldn’t find pictures that were good enough of the others but they are just as stunning.

Oh, I wish you could have seen the look on their faces just before they realized you weren’t coming to rescue them. Oh, it was very moving. First there was…disappointment…tinged with confusion…soon to be replaced with anger and then tears, just before they realized that it was the final, fatal drop. It was very moving, very touching. Yes, I wish you could have seen that, Hood!

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captainswanisendgamecs whispered, "Hi ! Just wanted to let u know that I love ur tumblr ! Thanks for doing it ! I miss Robin Hood soooooo soooo sooooo much I wish the show would come back... Anyway ! See ya :)"

Aww, thank you! I’m glad you like it! :) I will always miss this show. 

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